Day #334


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Weekly Photo Challenge: Focus

The Weekly Photo Challenge for this week is focus.

Aha – The Great British Bank Holiday Weather strikes again! I had planned to go off to Windsor Great Park as I had the perfect place in mind to get some “focus” pictures. Instead, I can’t leave my house as it’s raining and there are thunderstorms in the forecast. So, a little improvisation, I decided to try and find some focus examples from my bedroom window.

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Unfortunately, I don’t have a “good” camera, and the focus is all done automatically. I’ve learned to get along with it, but I long for the day I can turn a dial and focus my … focus exactly where I want! I’m not sure how long exactly I was sat at my window, focusing on leaves with raindrops and so on, but it seems a friendly spider found I was the perfect cornerstone for his web. I did feel quite guilty moving …

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