Weekly Photo Challenge: Sea

The Weekly Photo Challenge for this week is sea.

NO!! Daily Post this is just not fair! This challenge is just rubbing it in … we were due to have our final family outing to the seaside today – enjoying what are, essentially, the last days of summer – but due to car problems … well, we haven’t gone! Instead, we will be going for a long walk to the Savill Garden in Windsor Great Park, followed by a picnic, then the walk home. I can’t complain about that at all, but I guess I’ll just have to raid the archives once again. And besides, what would a post about sea be without the beautiful Caribbean island of Puerto Rico …

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Change

The Weekly Photo Challenge for this week is change. For this challenge I am sharing with you just a few of my favourite photos from the beautiful island of Puerto Rico which, after staying for one month back in January 2012, now holds a piece of my heart, and has changed me completely …

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Day #020

Today is a special day for me. Today marks 1 year since Chris proposed to me on that beautiful island of Culebra, Puerto Rico. A year has passed and we are just about ready to begin the application for my visa to move to America. I can’t wait to return to Puerto Rico, I fell in love with that island, as I’m sure you’ve realised by now! So, I’ll just share one picture for today …

Flamenco Beach

Flamenco Beach, Culebra, Puerto Rico

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Free Spirit

The Weekly Photo Challenge for this week is Free Spirit.

I would like to think that having a free spirit is not necessarily about throwing caution to the wind and being completely spontaneous – though that is certainly part of it, and a quality of character that makes life so much more exciting – but to me it is more about breaking away from society, even if only for a couple of hours to ramble through a forest, or hiking through the mountains, or taking a boat out onto the sea. It is these moments in life that I consider to show my free spirit, and it is these moments that I cherish every chance I get.

My first picture is from my trip to Puerto Rico back in January. We were on the island of Culebra, on Flamenco Beach, and I couldn’t resist taking this picture – I think it represents my idea of free spiritedness quite aptly!

This second picture is also from Puerto Rico. Can you imagine being as free as a bird, flying all over that beautiful island? It must be amazing.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Blue

Hooray for an official Weekly Photo Challengeblue!

This challenge gives me a perfect opportunity to share some of my pictures from my stay in Puerto Rico!

Being an island that is only 110 miles (180km) by 40 miles (65km), you’re pretty much never far from a view of the Caribbean or Atlantic ocean. Indeed, even if you can’t see the sea, there’s always the marvellous blue skies!

And so, this first picture is from the flight to Puerto Rico. I love the bold colours you always get when you’re that high up – it will continue to fascinate me!

The day after we arrived in Puerto Rico, Chris and I were whisked off on his uncle and aunt’s boat to the beautiful island of Culebra! And this is the view from that boat! Can you just imagine waking up to that every morning? And what’s even better is waking up to that view, then diving into those crystal clear waters and drying off in the sun!

This photo was taken on Flamenco Beach, which you may recall my mentioning in an earlier post. It is an absolutely breathtaking beach on the island of Culebra – I never dreamed sand could be so soft, nor that the ocean could be so clear and warm!

This is another view from the boat, this time when we were anchored just off the south of the island, right by the only town!

This was taken on the way back from Culebra. You can see Fajardo in the distance, and the mountains in the background! And, of course, the ever present clouds over El Yunque!

The final picture is the view of the ocean as seen from El Morro in San Juan. You can imagine just how many people have stood at that little guard room – generations of men who had to watch countless invading ships!

But I can see why so many countries wanted this island – Puerto Rico is an absolutely amazing country, and I cannot wait to return!!

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