Day #050

Sunrise before snow

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Day #045

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone 🙂 I can’t believe I’m already halfway through my visit to Chris in Pennsylvania! It was such a beautiful morning to wake up to – I couldn’t help but share these 3  pictures with you …

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Home

The Weekly Photo Challenge for this week is home.

What a fitting challenge to come up, it quite freaked me out at first! For those who don’t know, I am currently on a 2 week trip to Pennsylvania to stay with my fiancé Chris.

Well, I would have like to have said that I was so excited on the plane that I couldn’t think, eat, read, etc. … But,well, that wasn’t the case! I began worrying that I was loosing interest, that I was actually not looking forward to coming to PA again.

After leaving Philadelphia airport, and on the drive back to York, I found myself pointing out new additions along the roadside, commenting on how my favourite advertisement had been taken down after all this time. It was then that I realised why I hadn’t felt anything on the flight.

Pennsylvania feels like home to me now! I have to say it’s quite a relief to finally be feeling like this, as it will only be another year before I give up my life in the UK, my job, my friends, my family, my little comforts, and move to Pennsylvania (most likely at first, anyway!).

And so, though feeble for a challenge entry (however, it’s the only picture I have, quite literally, as I only have my “travel laptop” and have yet to take any pictures!), I share this picture of a cake presented by my future mother-in-law upon my arrival home 🙂

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Returning to Philadelphia … (Day #038)

One of the first photos I took once I landed in Philadelphia in August 2010 …

Tomorrow I will be flying from Heathrow to Philadelphia for my fourth visit to the USA in less than 3 years! I am, of course, visiting Chris, and will be staying a mere 2 weeks this time – that’s the least amount of time we’ve ever spent together on a visit!

It was August 2010, my first visit to the USA, when I came through Philadelphia airport. My mind now associates it with some rather severe questioning followed by being escorted into the arrivals hall by a member of the TSA staff to find Chris, and question him, prove his identity, confirm our motives … ohhh, it was quite an ordeal! But, when I arrive at Philadelphia tomorrow, I know that all they will do is take my prints and retina scan and wish me well – quite a difference, right!

My next post – probably an entry to the Weekly Photo Challenge tomorrow – will be from York, Pennsylvania. And this time around I will have a better camera, plus no crack on the car windscreen to avoid! Hurray 🙂

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Beyond

The Weekly Photo Challenge for this week is beyond.

This challenge could go in many different directions but I’ll keep this one to just 3 images …

Snow in Windsor, UK, Jan 2013

This first picture was taken earlier today, when the snow was falling hardest. For anyone in the south-east UK, I am sure you will agree we got more than we bargained for!! You can see our poor trees suffering just beyond the blizzard of snow.

The beautiful view, coming back to Carolina from Cayey, Puerto Rico, Jan 2012

This second picture (I think I’ve posted one quite similar before, but I hope it wasn’t the same one!) was taken on my trip to Puerto Rico. I love this shot so much, as it captures everything you could associate with a Caribbean island: the palm tree silhouette, the startlingly blue skies, the warm ocean visible in the distance, and the rolling lush green hills. I would give anything to return there in an instant!

Taking the mountainous route through Pennsylvania on our way to Ohio and ultimately Missouri, May 2012

And this final picture I think represents the meaning of beyond for me perfectly. What I absolutely love about the USA is, especially on a long drive (I’ve had my fair share!), there is always something to look at, or look for. There is always something around that bend, waiting just beyond your line of sight. When I finally get my driving licence (it’s 4 years late, but I will get there!), I cannot wait just to be out on the road, discovering.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Illumination

The Weekly Photo Challenge for this week is Illumination.

When I think of illumination, 4 ideas immediately spring to mind: Sun, Moon, Fire and Artificial Light. And so I share with you a few images that represent these …

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Silhouette

The Weekly Photo Challenge for this week is Silhouette.

I would love to have some amazing shots of palm trees against a sunset background, but alas, I don’t have any! Well, we don’t tend to have palm trees here so … there really isn’t much opportunity.

My first picture was taken in Windsor Great Park, at the end of the Long Walk. The Copper Horse is a statue of King George III, commissioned by his son King George IV. It is said that the man who designed the statue hung himself in the nearby forest, as he had forgotten to put in the stirrups, and knew he would face his death at the hand of the king for his mistake!

My second photo was also taken in Windsor Great Park, though a bit further away. At the Roman ruins of Leptis Magna, beautiful as they were, I couldn’t help but capture this moment, as a lone man walked around the ruins, contemplating them slowly.

My final picture was taken in the USA, though you will have to forgive me as I have forgotten which park it was taken in! It’s in Pennsylvania, and near to York, but that’s all I can remember… I love this photo, the way the sunset catches the flag and the trees … I would give anything to go back to that evening!

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