Weekly Photo Challenge: Free Spirit

The Weekly Photo Challenge for this week is Free Spirit.

I would like to think that having a free spirit is not necessarily about throwing caution to the wind and being completely spontaneous – though that is certainly part of it, and a quality of character that makes life so much more exciting – but to me it is more about breaking away from society, even if only for a couple of hours to ramble through a forest, or hiking through the mountains, or taking a boat out onto the sea. It is these moments in life that I consider to show my free spirit, and it is these moments that I cherish every chance I get.

My first picture is from my trip to Puerto Rico back in January. We were on the island of Culebra, on Flamenco Beach, and I couldn’t resist taking this picture – I think it represents my idea of free spiritedness quite aptly!

This second picture is also from Puerto Rico. Can you imagine being as free as a bird, flying all over that beautiful island? It must be amazing.

Until next time …