Weekly Photo Challenge: Forward

The Weekly Photo Challenge this week is forward.

When I think of forward, I think of progression, of improvement. And nothing represents that more to me than the season of spring. If you hadn’t noticed already, I absolutely love spring! I cannot wait for March to begin next week when the signs will appear once again, as we move forward out of the dark and cold winter and into the promising season of spring …

Until next time …

Weekly Photo Challenge: Today

Yay for today!

It seems strange writing something again after 2 weeks of being away! But alas, after 3 years of constant use and being very reliable, my Sony Vaio couldn’t put up with my younger siblings “borrowing” it :-/ And so, it broke, and I set about searching for a new laptop. Keeping in mind that in 2 months I will be going to Paris to be an au pair, I decided to settle on a HP Mini! And it is adorable!

But what a lot I missed writing about! I’ll be making the most of backed up posts for the next few weeks, that’s for sure 🙂

For now, I’ll keep this post as a catch up for the Weekly Photo Challenge – the theme of which is Today. Now, it states that we cannot delve into our photo vaults so, being a rather dismal and wet day, here is my simple entry – with the date and time stamp to prove it 🙂

Looking forward to watching the Venus transit on PlanetHunters.org (cloudy all night and morning, so no chance of seeing it myself!)

Until next time …