Helsinki calling!’re booked! My sister and I will be spending 4 nights and 5 days in Helsinki, Finland, from 29th July-2nd August. It is a dream come true for both of us – I have always wanted to visit Finland, and it seems that dream rubbed off on my sister too.

I had always promised my sister that when she turned 18, we would take a couple of months out and tour Australia. That was when I was 16, and a lot of things changed since then. In light of the fact that I will be moving to USA next year, we compromised and I said I would take her anywhere in Europe, just the 2 of us, and I’d pay for it all.

You see, no one in my family likes flying, except me and my sister. I don’t want her to lose out on the amazing experience of travelling, because I know she won’t go alone! So, as a present for her 15th birthday (which is today!), and a gift to myself for my 21st (on 19th July), we will be spending 5 days in Helsinki!

Time to find that old Finnish phrasebook and get practising …

Hauskaa päivänjatkoa!