International String Competition … (Day #083)

Hmm, call me blonde (and yes, I am!), but I had to look twice at this, and then Google it when I got home! International String Competition? What on Earth could be competitive about string?! Oh, but of course!! String as in instruments; violin, cello, etc. I’ve never known this but apparently Windsor is home to, and I quote, “the foremost competition of its kind in the world”. How about that?

The International String Competition provides the first prize winner with a chance to play a concerto with the Philharmonia Orchestra at the Windsor Festival in September 2013. Wow! Now I’ve never been able to play an instrument, but over the past year I seem to have developed a liking of classical music – I certainly want to see that one when it comes to town! Remind me to read up on the programme for the Windsor Festival 2013 when they make it available in June!

Until next time …

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