2 Years on Postcrossing … (Day #087)


On 28th March 2011 I sent my first postcard on Postcrossing. My first 5 postcards went to Russia, Finland, Netherlands, Germany and USA. Since that day I have sent 101 more postcards, 2 of which have expired, and 5 are still travelling. I absolutely love this project!

My Postcard Wall

My Postcard Wall


International String Competition … (Day #083)

Hmm, call me blonde (and yes, I am!), but I had to look twice at this, and then Google it when I got home! International String Competition? What on Earth could be competitive about string?! Oh, but of course!! String as in instruments; violin, cello, etc. I’ve never known this but apparently Windsor is home to, and I quote, “the foremost competition of its kind in the world”. How about that?

The International String Competition provides the first prize winner with a chance to play a concerto with the Philharmonia Orchestra at the Windsor Festival in September 2013. Wow! Now I’ve never been able to play an instrument, but over the past year I seem to have developed a liking of classical music – I certainly want to see that one when it comes to town! Remind me to read up on the programme for the Windsor Festival 2013 when they make it available in June!

Until next time …

Weekly Photo Challenge: Lunchtime

The Weekly Photo Challenge this week is lunchtime.

Firstly, apologies for a) my late photo challenge entry, and b) no posts in a week! I have been pretty busy and therefore have become a little run-down. Yes, for the first time in over a year (2012 new years resolution  “eat healthy, stay healthy” worked so well, and 2013 was going great too … until now …), I actually have a cold. I neglected my healthy eating habits, and also my exercise as I felt sorry for myself … well, no more!

Today, I am kicking that cold well away, and for lunch I have opted for …

3 kiwis, an orange, 0% fat Greek yoghurt mixed with an "omega sprinkle"

3 kiwis, an orange, 0% fat Greek yoghurt mixed with an “omega sprinkle” (sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, brown linseed, golden linseed and sesame seeds). Note the funky green kiwi contraption? And yes, that is a Mr Happy plate! Always makes me smile when I get to the end of my lunch 🙂

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Weekly Photo Challenge: My Neighbourhood

After posting some of the more “touristy” photos yesterday for the Weekly Photo Challenge, I thought I’d share pictures of the area a bit closer to home. My walk into town to purchase last minute items for mothers day tomorrow was rather gloomy, and the drizzle has returned. Well, they are even forecasting snow for Monday! I really hope not … but to counteract that, I’ve included a few pictures from spring/summer last year …

… Oh wait, I forgot, 2012 was the wettest year on record for England!! Only difference between winter and summer was the amount of green! I really hope this year is a little brighter for us all here in the UK, or by July we’ll all have S.A.D!

Until next time …