Weekly Photo Challenge: Home

The Weekly Photo Challenge for this week is home.

What a fitting challenge to come up, it quite freaked me out at first! For those who don’t know, I am currently on a 2 week trip to Pennsylvania to stay with my fiancé Chris.

Well, I would have like to have said that I was so excited on the plane that I couldn’t think, eat, read, etc. … But,well, that wasn’t the case! I began worrying that I was loosing interest, that I was actually not looking forward to coming to PA again.

After leaving Philadelphia airport, and on the drive back to York, I found myself pointing out new additions along the roadside, commenting on how my favourite advertisement had been taken down after all this time. It was then that I realised why I hadn’t felt anything on the flight.

Pennsylvania feels like home to me now! I have to say it’s quite a relief to finally be feeling like this, as it will only be another year before I give up my life in the UK, my job, my friends, my family, my little comforts, and move to Pennsylvania (most likely at first, anyway!).

And so, though feeble for a challenge entry (however, it’s the only picture I have, quite literally, as I only have my “travel laptop” and have yet to take any pictures!), I share this picture of a cake presented by my future mother-in-law upon my arrival home 🙂

Until next time …