A hint of spring at Windsor Castle … (Day #034)

Beautifully crisp sunrise ...

Beautifully crisp sunrise …

Yesterday was a beautiful day, so beautiful in fact that I couldn’t resist getting out in it. February may only have just begun but I couldn’t help noticing the warmth in the late winter sun, how it is finally beginning to rise above the rooftops now, how I could actually go out without my coat … small things, but to someone who cannot stand the short winter days and average sunshine hours of 37.4 in December and 49.9 in January, it is a promise that I will hang on to.

I decided I would go for a walk along the Thames and up into Windsor town centre. Sure, it’s a longer route for me, but I knew it would have some beautiful opportunities for photographs – and it did!

When I arrived in Windsor, it was 10:30am. For anyone who doesn’t know, in Windsor we have a regular changing of the guard ceremony at 11am every other day (every day in the summer). It’s a parade of the guards band from the local barracks up into the castle, escorting the guards themselves. There is a changing ceremony within the castle, and then the band will parade out of the castle and back to the barracks. It’s a great attraction for tourists, and something I never get tired of! On a whim I decided it would be quite nice to see it from within the castle, as I hadn’t done that since last summer!

The guard were already waiting!

So, Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead advantage card in hand (hurray, being a resident of Windsor, I can enter the castle year-round for free!), I queued up with everyone else, received my ticket, went through security, bypassed the audio tour stand, and headed straight for the area where the change took place. I arrived with only minutes to spare, and managed to find a nice spot where I knew I would get a good picture of the band and guard as they came into the castle. I had a fleeting thought about how I am usually with the crowd on the other side of the castle gate – it’s a good feeling being on the inside!

Figuring I was already in the castle, and not wanting to waste the last opportunity to visit before spring has fully sprung, I decided to stay and walk around. Taking the opportunity of less crowds as everyone stayed to watch the guard change, I wondered off up to the Round Tower …

After the Round Tower, I came around to the entrance to the State Apartments. This part of the castle is a great favourite of mine – it just looks so castle-y!

Unfortunately, I cannot post any photos of the insides of the State Apartments because no photography is allowed inside whatsoever! But, I must agree, no photo could do justice to what is inside, and if EVER you are around the area (that includes London) I would most definitely recommend a visit. It is beautiful. No words could possibly describe what awaits every visitor.

So, onto St George’s Chapel. This is definitely my favourite part of the castle, by far! I absolutely love this building, and could admire the outside for hours. I especially love the beautiful blue sky in these pictures, and the sun is not as harsh as in the summer, I think it shows the true beauty of this building …

Until next time …

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