Day #019

Today is exactly 6 months until my 21st birthday. 6 months and there will be nothing left to separate me from being an official adult in every sense. In the spirit of new years resolutions (yes, even halfway through January!), I know that it is time to start something that I have been putting off for many years. I am going to start a scrapbook of my life.

I guess I am what you will call a hoarder, though not in the sense that I keep absolutely everything for some unknown future purpose. However, I tend to attach memories to almost everything. Today, as I ruffled through the 5 bags and 2 giant boxes – all affectionately labelled with the word Memories – I realised that at least a third of all the contents were receipts of mundane things, like my first purchase from a Walmart, or my first meal at Cracker Barrel (my favourite American restaurant!), or leaflets for places that I’ve never actually visited and, honestly, probably never will.

Cue the first, and easiest, stage of the clear out. I kept a couple of receipts, of course, like a faded receipt from December 2006 for authentic Belgian chocolate on a trip through Bruges, or a receipt for an inflatable rubber ring from a holiday to Ibiza in September 2009. A couple of things. I’m not that heartless!

And so then I sorted through a myriad of other things. Certificates. Newsletters. Old bits of “art” from school. Pens (oh yes, I had a thing about collecting pens!). GCSE certificates (that’s where they were!). Concert tickets. Boarding passes. Keyrings (I collected those, too). Various items collected from my 4 years working at Legoland (a majority of which were coloured yellow!). Postcards. Letters.

It was hard, but eventually, I reduced everything into a nice and neat pile for my scrapbook. And now a corner of my room is dedicated to a nice heap of scrap ready for the recycling bin tomorrow. There are some things that I couldn’t put in the scrapbook, but couldn’t bring myself to throw away, and so the red box has stayed, but it’s nowhere near as full as it was before.

As I write this now, at the end of the day, I can’t quite explain this sense of feeling lighter, like a weight has lifted off my shoulders. I knew that one day I would need to sort through everything, and the longer I left it, the more piles of “stuff” were added to the airing cupboard to eventually get to.

So, now on to filling my scrapbook (actually, it’s an A3 artists sketchbook, but I found it was perfect for what I had in mind!) …

Until next time …