Goodbye 2012 … hello 2013!

It feels like 2012 has only just begun, and yet 2013 begins tomorrow! I am so very optimistic for what the year ahead has in store! So, in 2013, I hope to …

  •   Take Spanish classes. I have learnt all I can from Rosetta Stone, and it was a great platform to build a decent base of knowledge. But now, I think it’s time to take some “proper” classes, and to really speed up my progress! Of course, the majority of Chris’ family speak Spanish as a first language, and some of them don’t even speak English at all. So, to be able to speak to everyone at the wedding, it is pretty important to learn their language!
  • Read the Bible. I have never been a religious person. Spiritual, yes, but not religious. That changed after attending a church with Chris and his family when I first visited the US in August 2010. I was amazed at how much the words resonated with life, and I was captivated by just how much it all made sense! And so, when Chris bought me a Bible for Christmas in 2011, I always aimed to read it, and in 2013, I will!
  • Blog regularly. I know I have neglected to keep Little British Pea up to date, but I will certainly make an effort to post more than just entries to the weekly photo challenge! Life has been a bit up in the air for the latter part of 2012, and for a first blog that was only started in April, it was always going to take the back seat in terms of priorities. So, for 2013 I really want to put more effort into this blog, as I know I will want to look back in a couple of years, and the fuller it is, the happier I will be!

  • Read more. I am an avid lover of books, and I take so much joy in reading. The process of discovering characters, getting lost in the story, that moment when the plot is revealed. I cry as much when I read a book as I do when I watch a film. And yet, I find myself not reading as much as I used to, and I want that to change in 2013. In 2012 I completed 8 books, so for 2013 I will set myself a modest target of 15 books.
  • Get (even more) healthy. Hah! Another cliché, but it is one I think everyone at least tries, right? I have been amazed at just how much I improved my health in 2012, after setting the same goal at the beginning of the year. I think I have eaten more fruit and veg in the past year than the several years before that put together! And the result? Amazing! I never suffered with acne itself, but I did get regular and annoying spots, and it did get me down. Well, as I look at my reflection in the mirror today, I love seeing that my efforts have paid off! And my health? Well, put it this way, for most of my life I have had symptoms of some description, and it usually got bad over winter (doesn’t it always?). This year? While I was sat at work covering various colleagues falling ill to several different flus and colds and viruses, I never once caught anything! Not even a cough! So, after results like that, you can bet I want to continue into 2013 and for the rest of my life!
  • Walk more. Ok, so I already walk an average of 11 miles a week, and I love it! At least one of my days off is spent walking along the wonderful Long Walk (my last visit of 2012 –>). But, there are plenty of other places nearby and within walking distance that I can get to, and that I have neglected to explore. So, in 2013, I would like to expand my horizons and seek all those new places. And photograph it all, of course!
  • Start planning. We are aiming to hold the wedding in the summer of 2014, which is actually not that far away now that we are on the brink of starting 2013! I look to 2013 as a year full of planning and lots of excitement about the future, as Chris and I prepare to put the visa wheels in motion. I know there may be setbacks and hurdles, but isn’t that the joy of getting married?

So, I hope you all have a wonderful new year, and that 2013 offers as much hope and optimism for both new journeys starting, and old journeys continued.

Until next time …


5 thoughts on “Goodbye 2012 … hello 2013!

  1. Am inspired your resolutions! It’s great how you’ve looked back at the things that have gone well (like your change in diet) and are encouraged to keep up the good habits, and also try new things. Sounds like an exciting, joy-filled future!
    God bless,

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