Weekly Photo Challenge: Everyday Life

The Weekly Photo Challenge for this week is Everyday Life.

As most of you know by now, I live in Windsor, which is a very popular spot with tourists, as we are home to Windsor Castle – weekend residency for the royal family. And so, as is suggested in the weekly photo challenge post, I see something pretty spectacular every day – Windsor Castle! I really am lucky to live with such a wonderful piece of history on my doorstep (quite literally!), and even more lucky that I can enter it for free – as I am a resident of Windsor – whenever I wish! But, I won’t be posting specifically about Windsor Castle today, though I am aware that a post is due about this wonderful place!

Instead, I will post some pictures from last weekend, when I was enjoying possibly the last burst of glorious summer weather. As I approached Windsor Great Park, for what is usually just an ordinary, everyday stroll, I noticed it was looking a lot busier than usual!

Indeed, a car show! There must have been around 40 cars lining the beginning of the long walk, as well as the more expensive (!) ones being inside the grounds of Windsor Castle – to enter, you needed to purchase a ticket, or be one of the many VIPs! It was actually a nice surprise, as I had simply expected the long walk to contain the usual people, and I instead found this interesting arrangement of beautiful, shiny, expensive cars!

So, here’s a small selection of photos of cars from what I had intended to be just an everyday walk in the park 🙂

Until next time …