Tales to tell to the little ones …

So, I’m sure anyone – in the UK at least – is aware that the year so far has been a particularly interesting one! We’ve had the Diamond Jubilee, the Olympic and Paralympic Games, and now Andy Murray is the first British male to win a Grand Slam in 76 years! This year will certainly be one to tell the grandchildren about many years from now.

And that had me thinking … what will I tell my grandchildren, in a general sense? What have I done in life that will be amazing or interesting enough to talk about 40 or 50 years from now?

I have read many blogs recently, and many times I have read a post or a page where someone outlines their bucket list – a list of things they wish to accomplish in a given amount of time. And I know I have attempted to make one before, though I was only 12 and they consisted of many non-life-changing events, I must admit! (Things like meeting a celebrity, you know … 12 year old stuff …)

But I would like to ask, does having a bucket list really make a difference in your outlook for the future? How many of you have made a bucket list, but haven’t stuck to it? And how many have??

Not much of a post today, but I think you can see where this one is going … I need some inspiration!

Until next time …

2 thoughts on “Tales to tell to the little ones …

  1. Inspiration…that’s one of the reasons I started my blog, to inspire myself not to get sucked into the drudgery of life and to concentrate on the things that make me happy. I wish you luck finding your inspiration and happiness!

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