Weekly Photo Challenge: Near and Far

The Weekly Photo Challenge for this week is Near and Far.

Well, I have never really been anywhere that offers a truly breathtaking sweeping panorama, of mountains encircled by lakes or such a thing. But, I hope that my interpretation of this weeks challenge will inspire people nonetheless!

This first photo is (as ever!) from my trip to Puerto Rico at the beginning of the year. I only took this picture because, from where we were, that lonely tree standing tall above the others looked so striking, and I just had to capture it! You can just see the two “layers” of trees, in the foreground and then in the background.

This second photo is also from Puerto Rico, taken as we reached the highest point of the road on our trip. I wished we could have pulled over an I could have taken a much better picture – instead, this was taken from a moving (and may I add, bumpy!) car, so I’m quite proud of how it came out!

I really like this last picture. I took it today, outside the Guildhall in Windsor town centre. I have never noticed it before, because it always just looked like a regular pillar-type thing! But, when I actually looked what was on top of the pillar, it’s actually a distance dial. It was to commemorate the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II, and was unveiled by Arthur J Reaume, Mayor of Windsor, Ontario! I think this truly does represent near and far quite well indeed!

Until next time …