Was this really 15 years ago … ?

So, as with most people living in the UK, today was the first day back for schools. And, for my little brother, it was his first day at “big school” – he’s just started year 9, which is a pretty big deal for him! He was the last one to attend the middle school that we have all been to, and so, it was almost an “end of an era” attitude today, knowing we wouldn’t see that blue uniform again.

And so, with first days at school in mind, I started thinking back to 15 years ago, when I was starting my first day at school. I was 5 years old – just! I’m a July baby – and I was so terribly afraid to go to school. I hadn’t been put into nursery or any form of daycare. All I had known was spending all day, every day, with my mum and brother.

All of a sudden, I was being thrown into a classroom with 30 other kids, all aware of what was going on, and perfectly content with it too! I was highly intrigued to see what this “school” was, and so parting with mum was quite easy that first day.

But, I was very naive – I thought school was one day, and that was it! Little did I realise that I would have to go back the next day … and the next day … and every weekday for 11 years!

As soon as I discovered that fact, I refused to go into the classroom without a fight, and every day for the first month or so, I cried and screamed and grabbed at the door. I made it pretty hard for mum to leave me, and I knew it!

Me in my first school uniform!

On my way to school!

Care to share your pictures from your first day at school?

Until next time …