Where, oh where …

Well, today has been a long day, so it’s just a short and (almost) picture-less post.

So, I don’t believe I have mentioned before, but my younger sister is homeschooled. Though myself and my two younger brothers managed to get through school fine (or are still managing to, in the case of my youngest brother), she found it unbearable, and so my mum and dad made the decision to take her out of school.

Though my mum would have loved to oversee my sisters education, she never felt confident enough to provide the support she would need. And so, that’s where I stepped in, and I offered to provide the guidance that my sister needed.

I bought a selection of study guides, gave her a library card, and offered her my old laptop (which I had fixed, don’t worry, it’s not still broken!). The one thing I was keen for her to keep up with was her English and Maths studies. So I signed her up to two great websites: Reading Eggspress and 10 Ticks – both of which offer discounts to homeschoolers, if you ask!

Anyway, so, as part of her ongoing learning, I introduced the idea of taking educational trips to countries in Europe – of course, everyone else calls them holidays, but hey! So, we headed down to the library and took out some books on the first country that came to our heads – Italy!

But, we’re not fully decided just yet, and that’s where you wonderful people come in! I’d love to hear any suggestions that you have for places to take my sister in Europe – and if you have a recent post of your own then I’d love a link! I hope to gain a wider idea of exactly what countries in Europe have to offer 🙂

Until next time …