Mascots, Migrations and Royals on the Phone …

Such a wonderful day for a walk into town! This morning I awoke to the first hints of autumn – that crisp, hazy morning light – and the birds flitting about in the tree beside my window. It was a perfect morning to wake up to.

And the day only improved from there! The sun kept any hint of large clouds at bay somewhere on the horizon, leaving an almost clear blue sky.

As we approached the Thames, all we could hear was constant flocks of Canada geese flying in. I’ve always thought that we just had a general population of the geese which stayed in the UK year-round, but apparently, we are constantly replenished with newcomers every year!

Of course, the resident swans weren’t too happy about the invasion of newcomers, and they got a little feisty whenever an unsuspecting toddler came over with a bag of breadcrumbs! At the end of the day, it’s the poor little ducks that get my sympathy!


So, for anyone who has been following the Olympics with any particular interest, you will know that the rowing races were all held at Eton-Dorney, which is just over the bridge from Windsor! Indeed, they had to use our train stations because neither of the towns have their own haha. But, along with that, we have two new residents of Windsor – Wenlock and Mandeville!

I think these two are just great! We only just noticed them today, as we have avoided Windsor town centre for most of the Olympics, as it was just so busy having everybody there for the races as well as our regular summer tourists! But, I’m glad we got a chance to see them, and yes, of course, we got our pictures taken next to them – who could resist!

Speaking of new additions, another new sight has been added to the high street, just outside Windsor Castle. It’s a “telephone box”, only this one has some rather important people making some rather important calls!

 Yes, that would be Prince Harry, the Queen and Katherine, the Duchess of Cambridge!

Until next time …