How time flies …

Oh my goodness, is it really July already?? I truly cannot believe how fast this year is going! Added with the fact that we haven’t had a proper summer, I still feel we’re teetering on the edge of winter, about to fall in to spring!

In 18 days, I will be turning 20.

In 21 days, Chris flies home to America.

In 38 days, I fly to Marseille to begin my 9 months as an au pair in France.

This month of July will be an important one, to say the least. As Chris and I rush to decide the most major aspects of our wedding – the next time we see each other, we will only have 1 year to plan things together – and as I rush around making sure I have everything I need before upping and leaving for France.

But I hope that I can still find time to appreciate the small and everyday things.

Enjoying a Midsummer Fayre in the town centre …

Taking a walk on a pleasant summers day …

Or ending the day with a picnic in the park with loved ones …

Until next time …


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