Weekly Photo Challenge: Movement

The Weekly Photo Challenge for this week is Movement.

Now, I’ve never been good enough at photography in order to take those perfect shots of flying  birds which capture the essence of movement so perfectly. But I would still like to offer my humble photos which, to me, convey movement.

This first photo was taken during a walk around Windsor Great Park.

It has been a long time since I was here this late, and it was such a treat to see the shadows of the trees cast so wide over the golden-tinted grass that lines The Long Walk. The magnificent Windsor Castle in the background, along with the after-work joggers, add an extra effect, which makes this photo a recent favourite for me.

The vast difference in time, from the numerous and fleeting joggers to the continuous and ever-present shadows of the trees, constantly but slowly moving in time with the sun, is how I am showing movement in this photo.

This second photo was taken on the same evening, but further down The Long Walk.

This deer, though she was alone and far away from the distant herd, was so calm, and stayed so still as we paused our journey to capture the moment. For 10 minutes we stood watching each other, each perfectly aware of the others presence, though none of us moving more than a slow shifting and shuffling of legs. The sheer beauty of this creature, standing so still under the tree as the sun set, has made this picture another recent favourite of mine.

Until next time …

How time flies …

Oh my goodness, is it really July already?? I truly cannot believe how fast this year is going! Added with the fact that we haven’t had a proper summer, I still feel we’re teetering on the edge of winter, about to fall in to spring!

In 18 days, I will be turning 20.

In 21 days, Chris flies home to America.

In 38 days, I fly to Marseille to begin my 9 months as an au pair in France.

This month of July will be an important one, to say the least. As Chris and I rush to decide the most major aspects of our wedding – the next time we see each other, we will only have 1 year to plan things together – and as I rush around making sure I have everything I need before upping and leaving for France.

But I hope that I can still find time to appreciate the small and everyday things.

Enjoying a Midsummer Fayre in the town centre …

Taking a walk on a pleasant summers day …

Or ending the day with a picnic in the park with loved ones …

Until next time …