And so the journey really begins!

So, it has been a few weeks since my last post, and once again, I find myself a bit … stumped on what to write.

What with leaving my job at Legoland just over a week ago, and finally getting my flights booked, it’s all been a little chaotic, and A Little British Pea has been neglected somewhat.

But hurray, I have my flight to France! I fly out to Marseille on 8th August. I will stay in Marseille until 11th August, when I will then meet my host family on their return from Tunisia, and accompany them back to their holiday home near Toulon.

My time as their au pair does not “officially” begin until we return to Paris towards the end of August. I like to think of the time with them in the south of France as more of an “induction” period.

Having a concrete date to aim for is wonderful, though! It means I can now properly plan what I’m taking and what I’m leaving, and I can prepare my family -and myself – for the inevitable tears of goodbye!

At least I know that this will be a great experience, and one that will teach me many valuable lessons before I settle down and marry Chris in 2014.

Until next time …

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