Such glorious sunshine! …

So, after months of rain and grey clouds, we all have a nice treat this week – sunshine and warmth!

I know it’s so typical of us Brits to always go on about the weather, but let’s face it – there isn’t much else to talk about haha. Chris laughs every time I have a conversation entirely about the weather with someone!

Today we are going to reach the mid-20’s (70’s in fahrenheit), and tomorrow we’re almost to 30 (that’s low 80’s)! It’s days like this where I am so glad I work in the evenings, because I can enjoy the sunshine during the day, unlike most other people šŸ™‚

The Windsor Wheel

And so, yesterday we enjoyed a nice and warm day out in Windsor town centre, where we noticed that The Windsor Wheel is back for the summer! It seems that after the London Eye, every town wants its own wheel haha. We have yet to go on it though, but I can imagine on a day like this, the view would be spectacular!

Windsor Castle

Of course, as with any nice day, every body was out – and that meant Windsor was rather packed full with tourists from London, too! It makes manoeuvring the rather small streets and paths a little more difficult than usual!

Anyway, that’s all for today – I have a lot more I could write about but I really want to get out and enjoy this weather before it disappears next week haha!

Until next time …

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