Unofficial Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections

Well, there seems to be no official weekly photo challenge this week. After only 2 entries, I find myself missing it already! But never fear, Ailsa at ‘Where’s my backpack?’ has posted us all a challenge! You can find it here.

So, for my take on “reflections”. As I mentioned previously, my hard drive was broken during a flight home from the USA! So, I don’t really have many photos except the ones I’ve taken since I got back. But, I came across this one, and think I can still make it fit the challenge …

This is the King George V Memorial Fountain, in the centre of Windsor town centre. King George V is a popular monarch among us Windsor residents, as he is the first monarch of the House of Windsor. Due to anti-German public sentiment after the first world war, King George V changed the name of his family from Saxe-Coburg and Gotha to Windsor in July 1917. The House of Windsor continues to this day, and is the House of our current monarch, Queen Elizabeth II. This fountain was unveiled by King George VI in April 1937, and has been restored recently. However, the fountain does not flow! It is a rare occurrence, for me at least, to see it full of water. And so, I wanted to make this my photo for “reflections”, because of the hope and potential that this fountain has of creating them!

On the wall to the right of this fountain is a reflection of another kind …

There is a small blue plaque  commemorating the “Windsor Martyrs”. These three men were burnt at the stake in 1543, during the reign of King Henry VIII, possibly the best known monarch in history! They were condemned to death because of their Protestant beliefs in a fiercely Catholic England.

Until next time …

2 thoughts on “Unofficial Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections

  1. Beautiful, a lovely take on ‘reflections’, I love Windsor. Sorry to hear about your hard drive, so frustrating to lose all those photos of your time in the US, but the memories you have will stay forever. Thanks for joining in the photo challenge. xxx

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