Weekly Photo Challenge: Together

Well, what a perfect challenge this is to be my first!

I think it’s pretty much an instinct to think of the ones you love when someone asks you to think about the word “together”. These people are the ones who make us who we are, the ones who help us build our characters and form our opinions, so it is only natural that they are never far from our minds.

The first picture above is of me and my fiancΓ©, Chris (though at this point we weren’t engaged!), taken in May 2011, on a visit to Chris’ sister and her family in St Louis, Missouri. We had taken a day out by ourselves to go and see Cahokia Mounds, Illinois, a state historic site left behind by an ancient flourishing society of Native North Americans. It was an absolutely beautiful place to visit, with such an atmosphere that is simply impossible to describe. The view of St Louis from the largest structure, “Monks Mound”, is breathtaking, as is the view in all directions – a truly unmissable sight, it must be considered if you’re ever nearby!

This second picture is of us again, taken much more recently, in January 2012, and this was the day after Chris proposed! We were staying in his uncle’s boat just off the island of Culebra, Puerto Rico. This picture was taken on “Flamenco Beach”, which was ranked number 2 in a list of the most exotic beaches in the world!

I cannot express just how amazing Culebra is, and Puerto Rico itself! After 1 month staying here visiting Chris’ family (Chris was born in Puerto Rico, but has lived in Pennsylvania for the majority of his life), I didn’t want to leave! I certainly cannot wait to go back again – I left a part of me back there in Puerto Rico πŸ™‚

I intend to blog more about my visits to Chris in the USA in future posts. I cannot post just yet, because my external hard drive was broken on the flight home, and I am waiting to get it fixed – and all my pictures are saved on there!

8 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Together

  1. The best to both of you. Pennsylvania. Not far from me at all. Puerto Rico? Now that’s another story. Never been there, but you make it sound grand. Welcome to BlogWorld. I’m new too. Nice meeting you…

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